Sunday, October 9, 2011

Sunny's tips : Skin care 101

It's very important to choose products for your age and skin type Daily care The daily care routine is from 3 steps, that you have to do every morning and before you go to bed / i can't really get my self to, but i hope you girls do them ^ ^ And my "m" isn't showing much ... hvae it in mind / --------------- Cleaning --------------- It's best to use cream - if you have normal to dry skin gel - if you have from normal to oily skin --------------- Toning --------------- The toner is one of the most neglected products, but it's very important for having good skin . -------------- Moisturising ------------- For this you can use creams - day creams - night creams - remember you hvae to put the 30 minutes before going to bed, so it can go deep in your skin ^ ^ [b]Special care[b] -------------- Exfolienting ------------ There are two kinds - Scrubs - you rub it on yor face - you put it on after cleaning your face. This is similar to heaving a new skin, beacuse the rubbing that really gets rid of all death skin. After using it you HAVE to put on cream. - Peeling - ypu put it on your face after cleaning it for about 15 minutes, then you peel it off, clean your face whit water and put on a cream. The scrubs take awaya more dead skin and that's why they are recomended for people whit bigger face problems - big spots, pimples and ect. The peeling ones are strong too, but tney leave the skin more smoot, that thne other one. It's recomened you use them 2-3 times a week and if you have sensative skin - only once. --------------- Masks ------------ This has been used for centures to make skin evan smoother and more perfect. You choose your mask depending on your skin type. You have to use it maximum 1 or 2 times a week. ------------- Eye cream ------------ This area is very sensative, that's why it need speacial care. It's reacomndd that youu start using it after the age of 25, but if you need to use it sooner - do it. What's the best way to put it on ? Put little dots of the cream right under your lower lashes - on top of the cheek bone and the whit "tapping" whit your ring finger, so you don't put too much preshure on in. After that you repeat the same thing, but the dots of cream are on the bottom of your eyebrown bone ^ ^ If you have very oily scean - it's better to use a eye gel ^ ^


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